Advertisements will be accepted for publication in full colour/4-colour process (CMYK) or black and white.

All artwork should be supplied as High-Resolution PDF files, Minimum 300 ppi in CMYK format, with all fonts embedded. RGB Format is NOT acceptable.

All PDFs must be single pages and NOT spreads. PDF files can be supplied by email or thumbdrive.



* Final artwork submission is 1st July. Any submissions beyond the stipulated date will not be guaranteed publication. Amendments in artwork is allowed before 15 July 2017.







Type Price
Inside Front Cover RM 2,500
Outside Back Cover RM 3,000
Full Page (Full Colour) RM 1,500
Half Page (Full Colour) RM 85
Full Page (B&W) RM 1000
Half Page (B&W) RM 650


* Price excludes 6% GST




    The International Symposium for Nurses and Clinicians 2017 provides you with the opportunity to access and engage your target audience before, during and after the symposium over a six month period.

  • 500-750 expected delegates during the symposium
  • Marketing materials carrying your recognition (logo) as a key sponsor distributed to thousands of potential delegates and affiliated organisations Delegates fit generally into the following sociographic groups:

    Age : 35 - 60
    Male/Female : 25 / 75
    Education : Tertiary qualified and above
    Job Sector : Medical / Healthcare / NGO / Community Organisations / Academics / Research
    Nationality : 60% Malaysian, 20% ASEAN, 20% Beyond ASEAN




  • The venue has been selected carefully to fit the event and for its use to house the educational activities and to enhance the educational content. The venue has all the audiovisual equipment and set up to accommodate the provision of education.
  • The welcome dinner are not grand social events but offer a chance for delegates to network and discuss initiatives in the sector.
  • We are familiar with the code of conduct of the Medical Authorities in Malaysia and we have continual liaison with them. As this is a third party activity, we see no impediment to sponsorship.